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2006 Acura MDX Question: Valve Adjustment

My 2006 MDX has 38,000 miles, should it require a valve adjustment -
Answer 1
The differential fluid should have been changed at 30,000 miles. With Acura the "big service" is 105,000 miles it call for timing belt replacement and adjust valves "if noisy". If a valve is tight and about to burn out it will not be noisy! I would check them at 60 or 90 K. -
Comment 1
I took the car because Maint Reqd light stayed on and I said it has been running rough,,he drove car and it needed a valve adjustment for $780..I approved work, then remembered the sales pitch "engine need not be opened for 100,000 miles..searched owners manual and internet.. Thank you so much for helping a damsel in distress! -
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