1994 Pontiac Grand Prix Q&A

1994 Pontiac Grand Prix Question: Vacuum lines

Where are the vacuum lines located -
Answer 1
There is a main vacuum hose that goes from the intake manifold to the brake servo unit, there is always a vacuum hose that goes to the fuel pressure regulator, and there is a vacuum hose that goes to the fuel tank evaporate emissions purge valve. There should be a label under the hood of your cars with emission equipment details and a vacuum hose routing for your car's engine. If not look at Autozones website once you register they give you access to workshop manuals for many popular cars fro free. -
Comment 1
well it's the vaccum line that cause the car to jerk if air gets into the line -
Answer 2
it's the vacume line that if air gets into it it cause it to jerk -
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