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2000 Pontiac Grand Am Question: vacuum line from manifold

where does the vacuum line that comes from the manifold connect into -
Answer 1
There are several vacuum lines that come off the manifold. There is an emission label under the hood that will show you where the vacuum line attach. -
Comment 1
no there is not sir! -
Comment 2
GMs often put them on the fan shroud. If there is a vacuum leak then you should be having some sort of drivability issue. If it's a 'vent' hose , or a 'breather hose (for emissions) it may not give symptoms. Maybe it's worth going to a shop and just showing them the hose in question. See how they treat you ....you just might end up stumbling across a shop that you like and will be able to trust for future maint/repairs that you can't or won't do yourself. -
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this is on a 2000 pontiac grand am gt v6 3.4liter