2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Q&A

2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Question: Vacuum line

I have been experiencing "bucking" when the car is in motion after idling at a red light for some time. Advanced auto parts suggests this may be the problem-any others had this? -
Answer 1
Did the auto parts store check for an diagnostic trouble codes stored in the engine control module? If so, what were they? With these codes I could provide better info. -
Answer 2
I have a 2004 as well and am having the same issue, I was wondering if you found the problem?? -
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The upper intake manifold gasket and/or a PCV vacuum lines/hoses can develop vacuum leaks with age. This type of leak can result in a higher that normal...
The lower one on the intake side, Where does it hook up to? Right now there is only a rubber 90 with nothing attached. There is a small hole on the lower intake under the fuel rail, looks loke a bo...
why wont the air blow into the face area it only blows from the defrost area
changing the battery I snapped the vaccum hose(their very brittle) that controls the center vent for the ac. I can't seem to relocate the other end to replace the hose.
the horrible miss led me to vacuum lines that connect at the throttle-body which led me to see the pools of antifreeze in the bottom o...