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2000 Ford Expedition Question: vaccum leak at fuel injector

hi guys /gals is it possible to stop leak around fuel injector with some kind of spray that revives o ring on injectors .i was told u can like a temporary fix.will belt conditioner work? -
Answer 1
I have not heard of that before but if you know the problem is the o-rings then I would suggest you replace them. Not an expensive fix to do. -
Answer 2
I agree, my concern is the rubber seal deterioration may be a sign of a seal deterioration that may lead to a fuel leak. Permatex do make a spray that turns to plastic, you spray it on a cleaned surface it is used to "stop" oil leaks, should work on a vacuum leak if left set up. Look on the Permatex website to get a part number (small blue aerosol can). -
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thanks for the reply guys .i did try the little blue can and it seems to work .but my concern now is like you said that worn seal can cause fuel leak. how can i tell its leaking ? truck runs really good now . -
Answer 3
Be careful what you let get into your intake as teh O2 sensor will pick it up and may cause adverse problems. -
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did alot of research on injectors and i replaced all 8 o-rings for about 12 bucks and also cleaned all injectors which was fairly easy .didnt know what i was thinking about spraying stuff into intake.truck runs smooth now ,but i did replace maf,iac,tps,pcv,egr,air filter,spark plugs,coil pack boots only. and some vaccum hoses .still hesitates going uphill on freeway ,and on city streets it runs really really good .im thinking its a coil pack ?my question is coil pack oms reading to specs the same when in car at high speeds 50/60 mph? -
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I guess I don't understand what you are asking as it would be impossible to run ohm readings while operating the vehicle. You would have to have the coil in your hand or on the bench, completely isolated from any conections to run ohm readings. So I am missing your question???????????????? Dale -
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what i'm saying is it possible for a coil pack to be intermittently at high speed and normal operating at low speeds ,even when coil oms reads to specs? -
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Usually it will be the spark plug that breaks down under loads... You may check the boots as well.. -