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Question Answered: Car doesn't start but MMI, lights, seat memory etc works fine
September 19, 2012, 07:09 AM
I have exact same issue today with my 2005 A6, 2100 dollar estimate, no way to replace the part that failed this is incredible. Must have the entire steering column replaced. As another responder said, last Audi ever. Had same issuers with trying to get it on flat bed. The tow guy and I agreed not to try to pull it with electric parking brake on, transmission in park and front wheels turned with steering wheel locked on top of that the tow hardware could not be screwed in as the threads were entirely corroded even though the protective cap still in place. How can they design a car that cannot be moved when its broke!! Had another tow company send an old school tow truck that lifted the back end, and attached dolly to front end.
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