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Question Asked: car wont start - twice in past month
October 05, 2009, 06:21 AM
Hi, Twice in the past month, my 2005 MDX has failed to start. Both times, I asked a friendly passerby (thankfully we were in parking lots) to help jumpstart the car, but it didn't work even though we tried a few times and double-checked the connections. So, I had to call AAA in, and the tow truck came each time -- they first tried their portable jumpstart packs, but the car still didn't start. Only when they hooked up the truck itself to the MDX did it finally turn over (much to my family's relief.) Does anyone know why this may be happening? The first time we were guilty of opening and closing the windows a few times -- though it wasn't excessive, my kids were playing with them for maybe a few minutes at most. But the second time we didn't do anything except have the radio on for at most 30 seconds while we were waiting in the car. And why would jumping require so many attempts and only work with the truck itself? The towtruck guys just said it was a bad battery (didn't seem to want to be that helpful), but I'm worried it's something more serious. Anyone have any experience? Would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much in advance, tiger7253
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