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Question Answered: cost to replace starter 2000 ford taurus lx
March 14, 2010, 01:29 PM
they are raping you. if thats all they did i would speak to the manager and if he cant help you talk to the owner. they are basically stealing from you. tell him or her you will let everyone you meet know how dishonest they are. i just replaced mine a few months ago and i bought it for like 60-70 bucks at a local shucks and put it in in ten minutes. (not an exageration) all you have to do is remove three bolts with a socket wrench, swap the new starter and put the bolts back in. the starter is located at the front middle on the bottom, easy access. have a look for yourself. i think any charge over an hour labor (plus parts) would be unfair. i have no mechanic experience. if i could do it in ten minutes the guy who took over 6 hours seriously needs to consider a new line of work. next time i recommend researching it online to check and see if its something you can do yourself
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