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Car Review: 1992 Toyota Previa
November 03, 2011, 09:07 PM
Bought my 92 Previa LE new. Drove it 200k in 19 years. It rusted badly around wheel wells, door sills, and rear window seal area, due to salty Chicago area roads. Everything else ran strong! Sold it for $2500 in '11 and bought a rust-free 94 Previa LE with 135k from North Carolina for $4000. I always use Mobile 1 Synthetic oil. I just love these roomy and high mpg vans from Toyota...nothing comes close to their value and utility, even the new Siennas with their low ground clearance, and thirsty 6 cylinders fall short. I'll be driving my Previa only in drier, salt-free months to prolong it's life. My Scion TC will be my winter ride.
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