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Car Review: 2007 Nissan Frontier
December 07, 2011, 06:57 PM
First Nissan . . . Frontier 2007 Crew Cab 4WD purchased new. With under 25,000 miles driving in city and have a stack of service tickets that would amaze people. Issue 1) Have had problems on and off with the key turning and the engine whirling, but doesn't start. Five times in the shop and going back again for the same problem. Issue 2) HVAC blower fan has been replaced twice. After the second time, I researched this and found the Nissan tech bulletin that noted this was due to insufficient insulation allowing dripping into the fan. Issue 3) Air condition cools but never gets cold -- reported numerous times but have been told that it is "reading correctly." Issue 4) Fuel gauge totally broke - left the shop for others issues, stoped to fill the tank, and it sprung straight to empty. Issue 5) Noise in front-end has sounds like buzzer since 1 month old - still happening and techs can never "replicate the issue." Issue 6) Bought new tires and the tire place couldn't put them on because the bolts had "seized" - had to take to dealership to have "special tool" remove them. Issue 7) Front seat belts don't retract - fixed once and is happening again. Issue 8) This one is new and exciting this week -- the clutch is making loud grinding noices. Many of these issues happened under warranty and then when reoccurred once I moved into extended warranty, I was forced to pay my $50 warranty deductible to pay for them again. Now am nearing the end of the extended warranty and cringe at what is to come. I was a two-time Toyota owner and made a huge mistake. With over 200,000 miles, by last Toyota was in the shop to replace breaks and a couple of small items over 18 years. I either got a real lemon, or Nissan has huge quality issues. Thinking about trading it in on a Tacoma!
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