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Car Review: 2008 Honda Fit
April 13, 2009, 08:43 PM
this car is a lot of fun to drive. i bought the 5 speed. i have 17,500+ miles. cross country interstate @75mph yields 37-38 mpg. around my small town, driving all short trips, i get around 35. driving a very comfortable 60-65mph on two lane roads i get 41-42 mpg. the handling is precise and sporty. my only complaints are: i've got a dreaded dashboard rattle. just above the center a/c ducts something is loose. it occasionally rattles at the base of the windshield, too. i'm guessing it may be a loose wiring harness. it started about 2 months after leaving the dealer. my only other complaint is the gearing. if honda had installed a six speed tranny, the car would be considerably better. it needs a sixth gear. the ratios could be tightened around 2nd and 3rd, and a tall sixth would increase the mileage. at 75mph i'm turning 3550 (+-) rpm. a sixth gear would make it a great car.
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