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Question Answered: Were is the AC control Module located? Thanks,Bill
September 22, 2012, 05:30 AM
Usually located under dash either in the center or in the passenger side. Maybe that's why when you close passenger door it works. Maybe a loose connection?
Question Answered: clacking noise from ac blower works but no air from dash
September 22, 2012, 05:28 AM
Try checking prices on the internet. I use Rock Auto .com. I have no affiliation. I use them becasue of quick delivery and good prices. go to or click this link then follow the button and choose your year and make and model. You already know the name of the part so look under cooling or hvac parts.
Question Answered: whats causing a hummming noise
September 22, 2012, 05:24 AM
There are many possibilities. A loose part that vibrates under the car.
Question Answered: My heater turns on but wont blow out air what is worng with it?
September 22, 2012, 05:22 AM
It seems your saying you can hear the air rushing out of the vents but It is not hot. If that is the case, check your coolant level. If you have a bad thermostat that opens too early, It will keep the water temperature from getting hot enough to go through the heater core and the cold air rushing through the core will not dissapate the heat from the heater core. So, first check you have sufficient coolant in engine. Do not remove the radiator cap when engine is HOT. Check it when IT is COLD the level is clearly marked. If you can feel rushing air with your hand at the vents and It I cold. The remote possibility is the A/C is mixing with the heated air. This would require a shop to check for broken or misaligned parts that control the A/C and heated air being directed through the vents.
Question Answered: What is the estimated cost to replace leaking Air Conditioner return line.
September 22, 2012, 05:13 AM
I cannot give you an exact estimate but I can tell you what is needed to complete this job. Always remember that once you open the A/C system you must first put the system under vacuum. This is how you get the proper amount of freon into the system. Of course refrigerant is a better word as freon was a brand name. A dye can is always a good idea to add when recharging the system. If you have any future leaks It wil be quite evident when using a black light the dye will light up and indicate where the leak is located. Then the refrigerant is introduced under vacuum, about 2-5 pounds depending on the model car. I estimate the hose replacement plus labor and cost of refrigerant is about, $200-$300. If you know which line is leaking call around and ask what estimates are at different repair shops. It could vary by as much as 20-30%. Make sure you can get a warranty on the work performed IN WRITING.
Question Answered: engine light on cod p0443
September 22, 2012, 04:59 AM
Your on board computer is telling you that code PO443 is causing this code. you can google the OBDll codes and find this information and what this particular code means. I can tell you (after looking it up myself), It refers to the selenoid that controls the EVAP emission system. To start at the beginning, there is a plastic tube that directs the fumes from the gas tank to a charcoal filter in a canister.This canister is located under the vehicle 1/2 way between the tank and the driver. It can be accessed through an access hole in the trunk. However, the actual selenoid is mounted on the throttle body. I recently urchased one off the internet for $40.00 and installed It myself.Believe it or not, but a simple little thing as small as a loose gas cap can cause this code to appear. The whole idea how it works is to burn the built up gasoline fumes in the tank. Once you start the engine the fumes in the lines will be sucked into the engine and burned. Meanwhile, those not burned are routed through a charcoal canister to be neutralized so they won't pollute the atmosphere. Small plastic tubing tie all these parts together routing the fumes to their proper places. I replaced the selenoid on my vehicle but I am still geting this code. Car runs great so I think It Is erroneous.
Question Answered: i changed my o2 sensor twice and 0155 code still comes…..what else could it be
September 22, 2012, 04:43 AM
After changing out the catalytic sensor did you erase the problem code? It is said that after you drive the car 3 consecutive times after repalcing the sensor It will see the new part has been installed and It will shut off the code. I am not so sure this is true in all cases. I have a EVAP sensor code and have replaced the selenoid just like It is suggested in the Haynes repair manual. I also know the gas cap is tight as a loose one will also give this code. I must now go under the car and check for a pin hole in the plastic tubing leading to the charcoal canister that neutralizes the gas fumes. By putting these computers on their cars Cadillac forces us to have the car repaied at their service facilities. The cost is astronomical. They even keep the software for the computer well hidden from the public that when you try to buy another computer on line. You can't find anyone who can get you one. ALL other brands are readily available. Last Cadilac I will ever buy.
Question Answered: my cadillac idle up really high it can get up to 50 mph with out giving it gas
September 22, 2012, 04:35 AM
In order to diagnose problems with Caddillacs from 2000 and most recent. You need an OBDll diagnostic tool. It has 24 pins in a rectangular coupling that fits into the cooresponding female coupling under the dashboard. the ends are no squared off. Rather angled. You attach this diagnostic tool to the one under the dash and with the key i the on position but, the car NOT RUNNING, you write down the OBDll codes. They start with P0. then 3 digits. These cars have so many sensors, you can't diagnose your problem w/o one. The on board computer constantly reads the sensors and makes adjustments to the engine accordingly. Currently I have just the opposite problem with my 2003 Deville. The cold start high speed idle isn't working at all. I must hold my foot on the gas pedal to keep the car running when cold starting. Most times after the engine has warmed, It will idle at 725 RPM. I have many other problems like none working windows and mirrors, when cold they work for a very short while. Once the engine and computer warm up they stop working which has led me to believe my computer has a bad circuit. I must take It to a service center that can diagnose the problem as problem is beyond the scope of my small OBDll diagnostic tool's capability.
Question Answered: car was broke into bust the steering colunm.change colunm but won't start
September 22, 2012, 04:23 AM
These models use the OBDll system to read trouble codes generated by the on board computer. After you repair or peplace broken components you should clear the codes. It would do you good to purchase Haynes repair manual (about 20 bucks). Also the passive theft detterent system will disable the engine from starting If the steerig wheel is tampered with. That component used to be located behind the glove box on earlier models. If you had an aftermarket alarm installed check the valet switch. See If the LED is lit when you press the button. These OBDll diagnostic tools can be bought for a wide price range, which is directly related to what functions the tool can perform. I paid about $80 on ebay for one with a money back 30 day warranty. You really need one If you expect to service your own Cadillac these days.
Question Answered: how do you fix the starter?
September 21, 2012, 10:39 AM
replace both starter and selonoid as one unit. New. at any auto parts store. You may have to pay a core charge which you will get back when you return the old one. Or try the Internet, Rock auto has good prices and fast delivery times.
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