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Car Review: 2006 BMW 325i
November 16, 2012, 07:04 PM
Purchased a new 2006 325i in 2006. Factory warranty great til it runs out. The car has had nothing but problems: Interior-cup holders will not come out, stuck in closed position. Tried to get replacements at dealer, the replacements parts are no match for the originals according to the dealership. Engine: water pump goes out with less than 100k miles, cost $1200. Note: I have a 2001 Chevy suburban with 231k miles and I just replaced the 1st water pump at 221k. Electrical-both left and right blinkers went out due to faulty headlight assembly-repair cost $800. Both rear window regulars go out at the same time as the water pump, rear windows stuck in open position,(Note: the rear windows have never been rolled down), cost to replace windows regulars $1300. This car has not been abused it driven to and from work and some trips out of town, all service has been preformed at the dealership where we purchased the car. All of these repairs happened with in a 6 month period with a car with less than 100k miles. "Ultimate Driving Machine" I think not. One of the worst cars we have ever owned. This was our 1st BMW and it will be our last, we will go back a GM vehicle. Ken/Texas
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