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Question Asked: car wont start
January 23, 2011, 10:06 PM
my 2004 started right up but on way to work about 1 1/2 miles the radio started to turn off after the 3rd time i noticed the red battery light was on i parked at work when i tried to start car afterwork it was dead. i got a jump aND IT STARTED RIGHT UP AS SOON AS THE CABLE WAS ATTACHED . I WAS ABLE to drive home but it was acting like it was loosing power. next day would not start cleaned battery terminals pretty corroded jumped car started right up and let it run connected to the other car 15 min then put it in gear to take to shop and moved car 10 feet and it died and would not start money is tight and i dont have tow coverage been told it might be the altenator or a relay or fuse but cant get answer or repair quote unless i can get it to a shop they dont think it is the battery since i starts a soon as it gets hooked upto jumper cables any ideas???
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