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Question Asked: wont take gas
January 19, 2009, 07:46 AM
i have a 94 camry wagon 160000 miles this problem has been happenning off and on for several yrs have taken it to several mechanics no 1 can tell me anything, it rund fine thenout of blue it cuts off i restyart it it wont take the gas in drive or 2nd gear in low i give it gas real slow till it get to about 25mph if u try to give it more its like the gas shuts off , i can drive it around at the slow speed inlow for awhile then it acts like it catches , then its fine it may be fine for bout a month then it happens again its weird my wifeloves this car id sure like to find ot what the problem is , also the chk engine liught stays on but shops ive had it 2 says thats not the problem im lost please help thanks
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