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Car Review: 2007 Mercedes-Benz R350
May 22, 2013, 12:17 PM
I bought this car used as a certified Pre owned from Mercedes dealer. I bought it with 34000 miles. This Car has been in the shop a lot. I have now 61000 and here is a list of things that has been replaced on the car; Blower Motor, Power Steering Reservoir/Lower Hose, Tailgate Seal, Right Exhaust Cam Magnet, Master Windows Switch Unit, Both Front Hub Bearings, Steering Rack and Pinoin, Numerous Wheel Alignments, Replace Right Intake Camshaft Adjuster Magnet( Seems twice they replaced this), Right Rear Axle Seal, Engine Cam Plugs, Engine Oil Centrifuge, Tail Gate Latch, I believe there is more but i dont have the paperwork that states what they fixed. I my opinion this car is a POS. A Certified POS. I will never buy a Mercedes car again. Now i do have warranty on this POS but could you imagine what this would have cost me if i didnt. I have a Ford Escape with 150k and i never did anything major besides normal wear and tear stuff. This R350 wont see 100k before hitting the junk yard.
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