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Question Asked: Slow audible click from driver's side dash; 30x then repeats
September 17, 2009, 09:59 AM
I purchased a well maintained & documented 2003 DGC approx 4 months ago. Only recently, I'm hearing a loud audible clicking (about half as fast as the turn signal) that seems to be coming from behind the driver's side dash. Whatever it is will click 30 times, then go silent for an undeterminable time and repeat. The one KNOWN problem is that my lighting for the fuel gauge (only) has failed on the dash cluster. The problem is intermittent (day-to-day), but once it starts it doesn't seem to go away until the vehicle has been shut off and/or cooled down for an extended period of time. If in the process of clicking I shut off the engine and remove the key, the clicking will continue for an undetermined time. AND for the first time today, I experienced the problem upon entering the vehicle -- even without inserting the key into the ignition. Which concerns me about the future health of the battery! I've checked both the external & internal lighting system (ok); I've checked proper closure of all doors (ok); I've experimented with the a/c on & off; lights on & off; nothing else seems to be affected. And now I know it happens with key inserted and on or not.
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