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2 years late but im pretty sure thats not it. You need to locate the fuse panel on the left side of the dash by the door. Inside there is a red reset button that resets oil. once you locate it then after u change the oil just turn the key in the ignition to on, not start.. then press the reset button leave it pressed until you hear the three beeps then the oil light should blink and go off, and your all set.

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Question Asked: 

My car started idling rough at first then couple of days went by and i noticed it started hesitating when accelerating past 45. Then a day later it did it again only this time the service engine soon light started blinking while accelerating past 60-70mph. I immediately replaced spark plugs n wires. same thing. i replaced ignition coils with MSD coils set of 3. still same thing. i had also replaced MAF sensor and TPS sensor but problem still persists. Took it to autozone to get it scanned and they said i had multiple misfires. A misfire on cylinder 2 and random. I thought the new ignition coils and spark plugs n wires would do it but obviously did not. Help please im in the dark.n Is my engine gone to crap?

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