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Question Asked: timing belt line up and is a 2.0 vtc motor an interference motor
September 07, 2013, 02:35 PM
bought car off craigs list from lady she said woke one morning wouldnt start. I looked at it and found timing problems, there was a pretty new belt but failed tensioners. I PUT THE #1 CYL. AT TOP DEAD CENTER and synked the cams as directed, but the slot at the end of the cams are off centered I tried both ways with # 1 cyl. at tdc the car starts but runs very rough , and when you try to give it gas it dies, or dies on its own within a minute or two. did I not do something right or do you think I have head damage? and how can you tell if there is head damage or maybe some other issue ? thanks, any advice would help, Ive done did this twice !
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