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Question Asked: My Accord seems to get stuck in 3rd gear. Could it be something besides tranny?
March 11, 2014, 10:39 AM
I have a 1998 Accord EX (Automatic/V6). From rest, it takes quite a bit of RPMs to get the car to go (4000 +/-). Sort of like when you are driving a manual and you push in the gas while letting off the clutch too slowly, if that makes sense. After finally going forward, the car usually shifts into 2nd and 3rd gears normally. However, it gets stuck in 3rd gear. (Keep in mind I do these shifts "manually," and 3rd gear is the highest gear I can shift into before putting it in Drive.) In 3rd gear, when the RPM's get high enough for a normal shift up, I shift into Drive, but when I give it gas, the RPM's go WAY up and the car doesn't gain any speed. Therefore, I have to keep it in 3rd gear for the entirety of my trip. Also, there have been a couple times where the same thing happens in 2nd gear! When I put it into 3rd gear, the RPM's go WAY up and it doesn't gain speed, leaving me to drive the whole trip in 2nd gear. I'm hoping that it could be a bad solenoid or maybe a bad VSS. Is that a possibility or is it definitely a bad Tranny? I would very much appreciate any help or advice. Thanks, Tanner
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