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Question Asked: Differences in part prices?
March 08, 2009, 12:22 AM
Can someone explain why a repair shop charges more for parts than the local auto part stores? Is there a standard markup on parts at the repair shops, maybe chain stores have set fees on parts regardless of what local prices are? I was charged $65 for metallic brake pads and told that ceramic would cost over $100, parts store quoted around $50 for top of the line they didn't specify if that was ceramic or metallic - Charged $72 for each rotor, parts store prices at less than $30 each - Charged almost $50 for each caliper, parts store charging less than $20 each. The guys at this shop seemed really great and I didn't think my total bill ($565) was outrageous considering all the work. A couple people I know are adamant that I was way overcharged on parts and should never go back. Any info and/or advice appreciated!
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