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Car Review: 2000 Ford Crown Victoria
January 21, 2010, 07:39 AM
I bought this car in September of 2009. It started with 78,000 miles on it. This is a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria p71 interceptor. This car was previously used as a detective’s car out in Orland Park, which is about 45 min south west of Chicago, where I am from. This is my first car, I did a lot of research about these cars and decided to get one. If taken care of, these cars can last a long time. Ever since I got the car I have been trying to get it on a regular maintenance schedule. Unfortunately, every time I think I can start, there always seems to be another major problem that needs to be addressed first. Since I bought it I have needed to replace the idler arm, pitman arm, shocks and suspension coils, lower oil cooler hoses, fuel filter, needed rewiring of the interior light to come on when doors are open, transmission front pump seal was leaking (this was caused by a miss alignment in the transmission which also resulted in the torque converter being damaged), need new torque converter and shifter cable. The other problems on my list are replacement of the intake manifold (because Ford used a plastic front cross over coolant tube which at about 100,000 miles tends to burst and dump all the coolant out of the car, along with fouling your coils, boots, and spark plugs). The return heater coolant hose that runs underneath the intake manifold needs to be replaced (because mine is leaking, but if you need to replace the intake manifold it is a good idea to replace this hose at the same time). I need to have my timing chain serviced, what I means is that on 2000-2003 crown victorias there can be a ticking noise coming from the driver’s side timing cover. This noise is caused by wear in the timing chain itself, guides, or hydraulic tensioners. If you hear this noise you should have you car looked at as soon as possible. What has been known to happen is when the chain rubs against the guides it can shave off piece of metal which then get pushed around and go everywhere your oil goes. This can lead to your car turning into a big paper weight if the problem is not taken care of. I also need to replace my upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends, and sway bar linkages. I really do love this car despite all that has been wrong with it. I can't put too much blame on the car, this is part of buy a car for the first time. I am very interested in cars and wanted to learn more, and I most certainly have. Every problem I encounter I learn about a new system in my vehicle. My goal is to get this car up to 300,000 miles. Slowly but surely I will get there.
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