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Question Asked: not starting, key stuck in ignition
December 11, 2010, 08:36 PM
Today when I turned the key in the ignition it didn't start. Once I had had a loose battery terminal but I double checked and the terminal was tight and the battery had a good charge. When i turned the key the lights worked but I didn't hear a click from the starter even. Then I couldn't get the key to come out. It would turn forward all the way and the dash lights and everything worked, but when I turned it back it wouldn't come back to the final spot and release the key. Someone said it might be that the chip in the key is bad and the anti theft thing went off, but shouldn't that reset itself after a little bit? I still can't get it to turn over and the key is still in there. How do I either get it to start so I can get it to the garage or get the key out so I can use a different one? Also, can anyone just confirm that the key/antitheft issue sounds like a good diagnosis? Thanks.
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