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Question Asked: brake light/tail light problems
December 08, 2010, 04:39 PM
Hi. I was having brake light issues.In the daytime they worked fine but with the headlights or parking lights on the passenger side brake light would go out. I've read all about the problems with the light sockets so I bought the NAPA tail lamp harness Part#680-1234 which replaces all sockets and tail light connector for both sides. I thought this would fix my problem and it partially did because now my the passenger side brake light doesn't go off any more but now I have a new issue. I also removed and cleaned and tightened the ground wires by the rear lights and front lights. My problem...with the headlights and parking lights off when I hit the brakes, both the upper and lower bulbs on both sides light up using only one filament. When I turn on the lights the lower bulb on both sides lights up using both filaments,like I'm hitting the brakes and stays that way. When I do hit the brakes the top bulb lights up using only one filament and the lower bulb stays on with both filaments lit. Then when I uses the turn signal the top bulb flashes brightly. The turn signal works fine with the lights off. Any help with my issue would really be appreciated. Thanks, John Hoelle
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