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Question Asked: Overheating Issues need help. :/
August 13, 2014, 01:57 PM
I have a 2000 honda accord that started overheating this morning on my way to work. Fortunately I was a block from work when this happened. I immediately turned it off. It overheats really bad while driving and slowly over heats when idling. Could it be the thermostat is sticking. It was also making a hissing sound after I turned it off this morning, but could not get it to repeat after I had I towed home this afternoon. Also, not sure if the fans should come on when it gets hot, they don't. They only come on when I turn the AC on. Shouldn't they be on when the engine gets hot? I checked the fuse and relay already and both are seem fine. Coolant level is full in radiator and reservoir and is not leaking. Checked all the hoses and they seem to be fine. The only change I have done to the car is I added a quart of oil to it Monday night cause it was low. The car ran fine on Tuesday and it is now Wednesday. I don't think adding the oil had anything to do with the overheating, but I even went to check just now to make sure I hadn't over filled it. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Andrea
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