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Question Asked: hard starting and has a lope after it is running
November 17, 2010, 12:34 PM
it will not start if you crank it continously. if you crank it for 2 seconds,turn the key of, and repeat this abot 5 or 6 times it starts right up. after it starts,and runs for a while, you can turn it off,,and it will start right up.also the check engine light is on,and it was not on when i took it to my EX mechanic,who put on a new starter,fuel pump, computer,and replaces some ground wire. when i got it back,it wouldn't even start,and he told me to PUMP THE GAS,and i know that's bad to do. anyway i filed with BBB and consumer protection, so he dropped the bill from $1800.00 to $1300.00 and said he wouldn't charge me labor. i told them that the van ran worse,plus the "CHECK ENGINE" light was on and wasn't on when i took it in, they told me they were satisfied with him. UNBELIEVABLE !!! thank you,and i sure hope you can help me. it's been over 2 years,and my wife and i are disabled,and can't afford to pat anyone else to fix what he messed up.
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