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Question Asked: Multiple Engine Troubles
January 31, 2010, 03:28 PM
Recently I had factory fog lights installed in my 2001 Hyundai Accent LC, 1.5L SOHC EFI 5-speed with 115, 297 original miles. Since then, it has been idling rough, occasionally misfiring cylinders 3 & 4. Also, (recently) it has been stalling after I have been driving for long periods (like on the freeway), but sometimes it just happens out of the blue. Also, when I try to ''hard'' accelerate (like in passing someone) or after I've been turning for a while (as in a from an exit ramp). These problems are also dramatically reducing my MPG from about 35 to 25! I have talked with many different mechanics and have gotten many different responses as to what the problem may be. I am looking into changing the coil packs and spark plug wires now, and have replaced the battery and the spark plugs, but have not made any other changes yet. Also, I am trying to locate the computer, to see if that's where my problem lies...(to see if there is a burnt smell or water damage or just wear-and-tear) I use this car as a daily driver, and plan to continue to do as such. Suggestions?
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