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Question Asked: having issues w/rt sliding dr. lock actuator failure 3X after OEM fail."Dorman"
December 23, 2014, 10:18 PM
First failure OEM 03/11. Replaced w/Dorman part from Rock Auto,2nd failure 03/12and now 08/14. After installing I check operation and is fine. I installed latest part Nov. 29,2014 and it failed already. Wiring harness is ok, no frayed wires etc. Lock lever works fine but when it failed I could not push the lock button down. After more frustration, I pushed hard on the button and hit the lock button & it went down. I have had to do this several X now. After rechecking alignment of door lock itself, it is now making a buzzing when I hit dr. lock. Any suggestions would be appreciated. After checking the internet I did find a site that states Dorman has had many failures. Is this the case you have heard?
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