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Question Asked: Please help I have a 99 camshaft sensor problems
June 04, 2013, 10:51 AM
Help. My 99 300m keeps burning out camshaft sensors. This is where I'm at. I've put in about 6 camshaft sensors from napa. Some times I get one or two starts out of them. Sometimes I don't even get one.. So I went to the dealer got a cam and crank sensor. Put them both it it stared right up. And kept starting. Thought it was fixed. Drove the car as much as a could for a week got 980 miles out of it. I woke up to go to work one day then no start. If I unplug the camshaft sensor it starts right up.. I'm thinking a have a bad PCM. But have no idea.. On the 980 miles it did run it ran like a champ not a single miss and started as soon as I hit the key. .. Could this be a PCM. I don't think the timing is off or it would of ram bad when it was working. I had full power if I wanted to I could light up the tire for a block.. So has anyone had this problem. Please help any advice would be awesome
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