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Question Asked: Steering wheel vibration when braking with warm brakes a mystery!
August 19, 2013, 09:09 AM
Bought a 2003 Ody with around 150K miles. It drove like new except for a vibration when braking, which I figured was balance or rotors worst case. Upon driving more I discovered the vibration happens only when braking and has no accompanying pull even when cornering. It is only in the steering wheel, the passengers do not feel it. When the brakes are cool - first drive in the morning, when it is raining and on cool evenings - the vibration is minimal or gone. I do not know the history but it was advertised as having been significantly rebuilt. It appears to have a like new front end. Half shafts and struts look nearly new, alignment was perfect - not just good. There is zero play in the steering while driving and when on the rack nothing is even a little loose or worn that we can see - just like new. It had mixed age Michelin Harmonies and decent brake pads. We decided to replace all the pads and front rotors and noticed that the lower caliper pin with the rubber was replaced with a straight one on the right side. Replaced the pins with new OEM and the vibration was still there. Replaced the rotors again and we were careful to check for dirt and torque the wheels, but no avail. I replaced the tires with 4 new Defenders, and still no effect. I recently took it on a trip loaded down and had no issues, in fact the vibration seemed to have been less pronounced fully loaded. I am out of ideas. Any one experienced and resolved a similar issue?
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