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Question Asked: 2004 aveo will not idle, but once or twice it did.
January 30, 2010, 02:06 PM
LAST UPDATE: It's fixed, it was the idle air controler valve. Runs Great! Thanks 2004 Aveo, I replaced the plugs, valve cover and tube gaskets, new plug wires, new air cleaner and the engine runs great, but dies at idle. WHY? Could this be a bad Idle air speed controller valve? Would the car run great and just die at idle like this if the control valve was bad? On the cam cover where the PVC? valve and hose screws on to the cam cover, just next to this PVC fitting screw fitting is what looks like a fitting for a very small vacuum hose, but there is no hose around that is missing, so maybe this is just a vent? Anyone know? One last question, what is a good cheep code scanner for this car and where can I buy one? and a manual for the codes? Thank You
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