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Question Asked: Issues with the car staying running on a cold morning.
January 15, 2014, 02:24 PM
A few months back, after driving up the hill to my place, I restarted the car and it would not start. I checked all cables wires etc. and nothing was out of place. I found it was the cps. After replacing cps twice, the car would start and run at idle, but as soon as the engine is running under load (moving) at random rpm's it will shut off. I read on another forum that clipping the wire from a control module to the fan would solve the problem. Also clipping the wire makes the fan run at %100 as long as the ignition is on. However, when the car is cold or less then running temperature, it will shut off under load. After recycling the ignition a couple times it will be fine. I have an obd reader and it will continually pull the code up until the key is cycled a couple times. Any suggestions to make the fan run normally, and so that I can get on the throttle when the car is cold??
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