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Question Asked: Is there a aftermarket control module for remote power locks available?
February 06, 2014, 02:50 PM
My remote controls for the power locks stopped working. This problem started after the vehicle was stolen. They removed the driver door lock and the ignition was also removed and the batteries were dead when it was recovered. The repair shop replaced the ignition switch and the dome light switch which they said was causing the batteries to drain. When the vehicle was returned to me from the repair shop the door lock remotes were not working. Returned it to shop, they found that the control module that operates the remotes and also other electric devices that were not being effected was the problem. This was quoted as a $1000 part and upon in stalling it would have to be reprogramed. The insurance co. refused to pay to have it replaced. Said it was not related to the theft. I have just been using the key to open the door. Is this a separate module than the main computer? Where is it located and can one be purchased aftermarket and can I reprogram it? I have a Haynes manual for the truck and the wiring diagram for the power door lock system is calling it a Generic Electronic Module.
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