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I just bought a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport with a 3.3L. When leaving the dealer lot went to turn the corner and it died but restarted right away. Being excited about purchasing a new vehicle I didn't even think much of it. I drove the vehicle for an hour and a half to get home. Parked it for about 2 hours and then got in to drive again. Again I went to turn the corner and it died but restarted right away. I drove for about 45 minutes and it died again but this time would not restart. The lights are all on and work but the starter won't even kick over. Wiggled a few relays under the hood and swapped out two of them and it started right up. Drove another 10 minutes and it died again. This continued a few more times and finally ended up loading it up on the car hauler and hauling it to a mechanic. It spent the night at the mechanic and he had it all day today. He drove it for about a half hour, left it run for 20 minutes or so and shut it off. He then drove it again for about a half hour and no problems with it. I went to pick it up, left there drove about 2 blocks and it died on me again. This time I left the key on and put it in park and the mechanic switched out a relay and it started right up. Drove it home and got it into my garage and it died. It seems to be some kind of electrical problem but not sure what. Anyone have any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated. The mechanic said he put his computer on it but there were no codes to pull on it either. Please help if you can.

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