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Car Review: 1998 Mercury Mountaineer
July 14, 2010, 12:55 PM
I have the 5.0 V8, and it has been a complete dream for a car of its age. It only has about 102K miles, which is low for its year, but I have had NO serious problems whatsoever. The problems I have had: -Broken Radio Display -Both the driver and passenger front doors unlock by remote, but do not lock -The sunroof gets stuck when I close it, so I only pop it up now. It also leaks a TINY bit when it pours -Bushings make noise, but dealership says its safe to drive, and doesn't need replacement yet Other than these relatively small things (which could be fixed if i were so inclined) the car has had no issues. I just change the oil, do basic maintenance, and she's good to go. After talking with many people about these vehicles, and doing lots of research, i recommend being careful of the used V6 models. The V6 is better on gas, but tends to have more mechanical issues (4x4, timing belt, transmission). Also beware of the 1995-1997 and the 2002-2005 models. These are the ones they tend to not have all the kinks worked out of yet when they were new, and subsequently tend to have more problems.
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