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Car Review: 2007 Honda Accord
February 04, 2010, 12:27 PM
Over all our $33,000 Accord is good but i was and am unhappy with the body and paint. Although the midnight bk paint looks great, it is sorry in its durability! if you just look at it crosseyed the paint will come off. It seems to be one of the cheepest paints i have ever seen on a car. (we bought it new) Maybe they sold us one that had been repainted! Also the metal is so thin and easy to dent that we have a hundred dings all along the body front to back on both sides due to other cars doors and shopping baskets. The brakes are weird. They have a weird feel when stopping, and wear irregularly. We have had it checked many times and no one finds anything wrong. I believe there is air in the hydrolic lines causing the irregular wear. The computer screen we have for music, maps, audio, and a/c is cumbersome and boaring. Engine good, and heating and air are good. It is also one of the noisyest cars we have owned. it is loud to hear the road and tire sounds very loudly. If these problems are not attended to we will not buy another one.
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