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Question Asked: I asked around at your recommended shops the cost to check the brakes and tranny
July 15, 2013, 04:30 PM
1) Radley Acura said it was free to check the brakes while your recommended shop said it would cost $59. 2) The issue with the brakes is that the ABS pumping action starts sooner than normal(I feel it only in the brake pedal as opposed to anywhere else) 3) The issue with the transmission is that while shifting (automatically) there is a slight speed up between gears which I have not felt before. Both I can live with but I was wondering if it is something I should get checked out immediately. The brakes were changed less than 1,000 miles ago and were fine until today (as were the belts throughout the car). Of course since I drive infrequently (42,400 miles on the car) there is a lot of time where the car is standing still so 1,000 miles ago is quite a number of months.
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