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Question Asked: unlock dvd
December 29, 2008, 08:19 PM
3 answersQuestion - IamHopeful 798, December 12, 2008, 18:30 '08 Mercedes C300: Does anyone know how to make the DVD player play while the car is in motion? I have an '08 Mercedes C300. It has a DVD player, but as soon as you start driving, the screen blanks out and gives you a message that you can't watch it while the car is in motion. Does anyone know the unlock code to get it to work? Please don't lecture me that it is disabled for my safety. I just want to know how to make it work. Thanks so much! :) There are other people in the car besides me who want to watch it. How is a dvd player any worse than navigation? Seriously, please don't lecture me on safety.
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