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Car Review: 2007 Toyota Camry
June 30, 2011, 07:30 PM
I purchased my car brand new in -07 xle fully loaded and from first week of purchase my car had accelerated with me doing about 25mph and it spurting out to 40mph I took it back to dealership many many times and all they did was reset my computer(dealer said problem)then my push start gave me repeated problems,and battery kept stalling,Toyota did not want to replace battery but finally replaced push start ignition.I also had problems with my moon roof and my navigation system,and power steering, and continued acceleration problems ,and had the actual unfortunate incident of the car finally taking off on its own and all systems failed on me accelerating from 35mph to 80mph on my way to work and through the grace of God and me blowing the horn and yelling out the window for cars to get out of the way I threw the car in park scaring the Hell out of me!And this was before the recall!! Car being towed to dealership and now said tensioner rod broke off and of course Toyota did not feel responsible! It Has been a continued unresolved battle with corporate and today I have no brakes because the brake booster went out~ I now have 70,000 miles on my car and it is and always have been a piece of crap also built in KY and my first and last Toyota Ever!! signed single mom of 4~
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