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Question Asked: My car is getting very hot without a/c on and with a/c on. I have had a lot of r
May 01, 2014, 03:33 PM
Have replaced, thermostat, fuel pump, head gaskets, cooling temp sensor, bank 1 sensor 1 (o2 sensor), water pump, timing belt, both cooling fans, radiator flush, have left on with heat on radiator cap off to get air out of system just in case and replaced cap when on, adjusted tps, checked fan relay's, no engine codes are on!!I can see the light if I shine a flashlight through front end so its not to stopped up with bugs. no Leaks as far as coolant leaks. I noticed that there is no water drip when ac is on either, ever. Please help I bought this 2 months ago and am flat broke now any ideas?
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