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Question Asked: My rear defroster will not function after Audio install - Mits has no clue
October 12, 2013, 05:55 PM
When I hit the button on the dash it lights up but no power to the grid. I checked with Mits and they can't ID the wiring/ fuse or location of the relay connection to the window itself. On my model there are NO visible connectors from the C pillar to the rear window grid, so I have no clue about where to start. Had the radio replaced 6 months and also replaced the power antenna by so-called professionals. Both are not working properly and the installers will not fix the probs without more money. Now the defroster is toast! So do you think this is related? Again, I can't get Mitsubishi to find the information for my defroster! If anyone has the answer, then HIT ME UP!
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