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Car Review: 2003 Lincoln Town Car
September 17, 2009, 11:33 AM
Worst car I've ever owned. Transmission went out at 55,000 miles. Town Car decals fell off, back window trim fell off, light dimming knob is not lit at night (no light assembly there), driver's window switches went out, driver's electrical seat quit, A/C doesn't cool when ambient above 78 degrees, radio quit, rear axle bearing went out, Engine leaks oil, rear end leaks oil, back-up assist quit, lug nut covers rattle, front grill corroding, Lincoln Hood ornament corroding, automatic door lock quit, car alarm goes off without provocation,. If all that weren't bad enough, the dealership trys to charge me for things that don't need repair (which isn't much) like brakes that are only 40% worn or saying they replaced things they didn't.
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