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Question Asked: I have hyundai tuscon Oct 2006 manual diesel.. The car spontaneously juddering
August 27, 2013, 08:21 AM
Which occasionally leads to it stalling @ any speed.. Breakdown advised it was a cooling fault + the sensor needs changed according to diagnostic..The hyundai dealer replaced the sensor.. But the juddering resumedthis time fault showed it to be the EGR valve which was also replaced by dealer again the juddering resumed though this time as I braked the car surged forward + power steering totally failed + locked.. Nearly causing accident my brake lights failed to show..back to hyundai again to be told it was the throttle position sensor..2 days later the problem has now bn at the dealer for 3 days + they are unsure what the issue is..I've only had the car a year bought as a used car with 50000 miles on clock from my hyundai dealer..the car has only done 58000 now. In the last 7wks it has been in hyundai numerous times + 1000 pounds later the problem still not resolved.. I would be most grateful if u could help me out thanks boab
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