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Question Asked: My vehicle is having problems starting.
August 26, 2013, 05:03 AM
For the most part it will start right up but on occassion it will not start. It doesnt even try to turn over when this happens. I get lights and radio but no noise what so ever. And sometimes it takes hours of sitting for it to start again. It doesnt turn over the next time you try to start it. The last time it took 24 hrs before the car would start. We have replaced the battery, checked the starter, and also replaced the cable that connects the battery to the starter. None of which has fixed my problem. I have taken it to a couple shops to which no one can help. They tell me unless the problem happens with them they cant determine what is wrong with it as long as it is running fine. So then I am sent home for the problem to happen. Please help this is frustrating!!
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