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Car Review: 2003 Hyundai Tiburon
February 07, 2012, 01:51 AM
i have a 2003 hyundai tibron and i can honestly say i love my car but seriously i need some help for my most recent issue i am going threw with it. so my starter i had to get a new one but when it had it fixed and drove away from the shop i went home got outta my car and took out the key and had the issue of about three seconds after the car was turned off it didnt matter whether key was still in ignition or not because after 3sec my dinger sound, my dash lights and parking lights and right turning signal were all freakin out and wouldnt shut off totally wierd so i took the battery terminal off and then about and hour later i reconnected it and COMPLETE OPPOSITE all of the stuff i couldnt shut off now doesnt work at all and addition to it i have no tail lights or windows but i do have brake lights and headlights but not parking light or dash or anything else i said was wrong in begining. i checked my fuses but there all good except the airbag light that i have always had issue with even had dealer fix it but week later still went back to a blown fuse and light back on but never did affect anything. the one thing i had noticed was on my fuse box the tail light fuse was the only one that didnt have any power once so ever running to it. someone please help me out i am clueless and seriously tired of tryin to guess being i dont even have a owners manual which is even more of a problem so anything can only help if not thanks for tryin
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