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Car Review: 2010 Toyota Camry
September 13, 2010, 08:27 AM
I bought this 2010 Camry SE in Dec 09 and have taken it back many times because of what I now believe to be the rear suspension. My car wobbles when I drive at 35 to 40 miles due to the rotation of the tires. It shifts from side to side and causes a lack of steering control. The dealers says it's in specs, but when you drive it, or see it make a turn you can see and feel the distortion in the wheels, and steering. When braking, the car accelerates first before it stops. Terrifying. The dealers say the wheels are pitched out as part of the design. I say it's a manufacture defect and that's why the car doesn't perform as well as it should. I've had new tires and wheel balances and alignments, however, my problem still exists and I'm just being blown off. I guess there won't be any care until the wheel falls off. This car has less than 6500 miles!!! Oh yeah, they aren't selling or advertising 2010 SE's, they are advertising 2011 SE's. Go figure.
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