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I am no mechanic but what I did once wgen checking is pull out a fuse and put it back in the wrong spot it was an empty spot next to the spot where it needed to go I went and started my truck me and my dash was acting all crazy rubbing rpm's and I was not even touching the gas pedal check all your fuses and make sure they're in the proper spot and you're not missing one also add an extra light emission light lit up on my dashboard that was not their previous to me checking fuses

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When I select any other option on selector it flashes 2wd approx 10 times then just illyminates 4 high. No service light on selector lit . I have read encoder motor and front axel accuator could be the problem and quite common. I just need to know if there's a way to tell which one for sure it is. I don't want to do both if I don't have to. Also I checked fuse #8 under hood for tccm I believe and its good. For sure it four high can tell on tight turns. Also will swutch to auto correctly on selectorbut even in auto (as it says) its in 4 high all the time for sure. Please help me figure this out

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