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Car Review: 2008 Chevrolet HHR
February 17, 2012, 03:34 PM
The HHR has that retro-cool look that attracted me to it, the engine has good pep for sure, and it's reasonably comfortable. That said, the car has many drawbacks: All the windows are too small; visibility is awful (I'm a 6'1" guy), so you feel like you're in a cave. Door and windshield pillars too thick, making vision even worse. The door pockets are a joke, they're too small, shallow and the half-moon shape provides storage for maybe a couple packs of gum, and there's plenty of interior door area to have made them bigger. The dash bin, while a good idea, is also too small and shallow as is the glove box. The floor-flush storage bins behind the rear seats are a good idea but in a forgotten location. The radio controls/settings are a bizarre & constant annoyance. The rear window wiper switch is located in an oddball place. The ceiling dome light is near the back of the car (REAL stupid) you can't reach it from drivers seat. While up front you only have map lights or general house lights. The windows/door lock switches are bass ackwards. The interior plastic is Wal-Mart cheap. The fold-flat rear seats are a good feature, giving a flat floor area; but the non-carpeted and hard plastic surface allows stuff to slide around like an ice rink. I bought it used in 2009 w/38k mi. and it already had problems with the heater/AC motor buzzing; sway bar links rattling, creaking suspension, check engine light issues and a hyperactive tranny (downshifting too easily). Fortunately all fixed under warranty. Does not compare well to my previous car, an '06 Vibe. Even though the HHR roof is higher & more horiz. than the Vibe/Matrix, I could stand up under the Vibes hatch when open; not with the HHR. Overall, I wany my Vibe back!!!
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