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I like all older and newer cars but I love my Camaros the most. I personally own 3 of them. I am doing more of the work on my cars myself these days since it is getting too expensive and it is a lot more fun that way.
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Question Asked: Mis-Fire at idle but stops when driving or accelerating.
April 30, 2013, 07:04 AM
My 96 z28 from my mechanic said that the engine is mis-firing at idle but when driving or accelerating, the misfire goes away. this is what his computer tells him. he said he doesnt exactly know what is causing it but was offering to fix it for me to the tune of $500 starting off and going up the longer it took ti find the issue and fix it. i have looked up all of the parts to replace on engine for ignition and willing to spend the money to purchase all of it but would like to find out what i should start with.
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