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Car Review: 2003 Lexus GS300
January 17, 2012, 04:52 PM
Hi, my 2003 GS300 Sport Design has been the most luxurious car I've had the pleasure to own. Recently I've had a couple of hic-ups: 1. Rodents got into my air filter compartment and heater fan blower; After shelling out $460 to replace the blower and clean out the nest in both the heater vent and air filter comparment, on the advice of the dealer, I've added a Bounce brand laundry softner cartridge to the air filter compartment and a Bounce sheet to each end of the cabin air filter. That has been working although I also switch my ventilation to recirculation when I park overnigh at home. 2. My Check Engine, traction control and some other light has been coming on intermittingly. I've learned that disconnecting the battery for ~15 minutes will reset the light panel switches. Now the lights are coming on more frequently and after reading some other website posts discovered that it is apparently the oxygen sensors that need to be replaced. Does anyone have any idea what the cost of labor and parts is to replace these?
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